Indochino Review

 My First Order from Indochino:

 Today I'm going to talk abut my experience with Indochino.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Indochino, they are an online made to measure suit company.  It is a Canadian company who's head office is located in Vancouver, but the production of the suits come from China.  I decided to try Indochino with one of the coupon codes I got from redflag deals, in this case I got the suit for 15% off with 2 free shirts and 1 free accessory item.  So I decided to go with the basic black suit, since I was in need of a black suit anyway.  Now comes the interesting part of getting your measurements.  One of the great features of the Indochino website is how simple it is for you to get your measurements.  They not only have a diagram showing what to measure, but they have a video showing you how to do it.  After about ten minutes with the help of someone else your measurements are in.  What I like most about Indochino is the amount of options you have to customize the suit from having working buttons to pick stitching and there's no additional charge for it!  After I placed my order I recieved various emails updating my on the progress of my order.  I think what really surprised me was the speed in which I got my suit, I got in in 12 days! Indochino guarantees that you will recieve your order within two weeks!

Suit jacket and trouser with suit bag

Close up of working buttons on sleeve

Once recieved.....

I gave it an inspection, the quality looked and felt good, though it is a light fabric so it's best for spring/summer/fall months.  I tried it on and the fit was dead on, though it felt tight in certain spots, so I had the suit pressed at the cleaners.  After the pressing the suit fit like a glove.  The only immediate issue I had was that the pant length was about a 1/2" short, so I had them altered.  I suggest you get the pants unhemmed so that there will be no issues, the bonus is that Indochino will reimburse you for alteration fees up to $75.00.  The sleeve and jacket lenght was perfect.  The shoulders fit well and do not overhang.  Overall I was surprised at the quality of the suit, It looked good and felt comfortable on me, so now it was time to put the suit to a real working test.

I had ordered this suit in October, since then I have worn the suit about 12 times.  How has it fared?  Well, after about the 8th time the top button on the suit became really loose, to the point where there was 2 strings holding it, so I had it fixed.  The other issue that appeared, is that at the edge of the jacket where the buttons are a distinct line has formed.  From what I can tell this line is the result of a material on the inside of the jacket finishing before the edge, therefore causing the jacket fabric to sink in causing this line, see the picture below for details.   

The line appears right after the buttons

The line is most noticeable in direct light, otherwise you don't really notice it. 

In Conclusion.......

I would say that for the price and convenience, Indochino is really worth it.  Although I thought the material was light and suspected that wear marks would occur this has not happened.  In fact the material has stood up very well, and still maintains a new look, I have yet to dry clean it!  The only real downfall is the appearance of the line near the edge of the jacket.  I don't really know the cause of it and it doesn't look like it can be fixed unless I take it to a professional tailor.  All in all I was very impressed and will more than likely order another suit from Indochino.

A note about the two free shirts I received with the suit.  I found that the shirts where not of a very high quality, also they fit real snug on me, after one wash the shirts had already begun to fade.  I would not recommend buying the shirts, though if it comes with the package it's good enough to wear to work a few times before they fade out.

My Second Order:
My second Indochino suit turned out to be a better fit than my first one!  Lacking a solid grey suit in my collection I decided to take advantage of an Indochino coupon I had last year and grab the Essential Grey Suit.  My advantage this time is that after noticing a few areas that could be tweaked on my black suit I made a few changes to my online measurement profile.  The result when I received the suit was a perfect fit!  The only exception was the trouser which I requested to have unhemmed,  I prefer to have these measured to my shoes.  It doesn't cost you anything because Indochino reimburses you for the cost of alteration. (Though I did check the site today and noticed that the unhemmed option is not available?).

My Options:
  • Working Cuff Buttons
  • Pick Stitching (didn't get this option on my black suit)
  • Dark Gray Satin Lining (Now Indochino has a much better selection for the linings)
  • Pen Pocket
  • Unhemmed Trouser
  • Change Pocket within Trouser
The essential grey suit not only fit better on me than my first suit (essential black suit), it seemed to have a better workmanship all around.  The pick stitching is a must for this suit as it is subtle but really adds detail to the suit.

Putting it to the Test:

After Noticing the line issue I had with my black suit (see my first review), I was afraid that the same thing would occur on the Grey suit, but it never happened!  In fact I endued up where the grey suit at least 18 times last year and the line never appeared.  I wore the black suit only a few times before the line appeared.
Overall the fabric is of good quality and durable, if you maintain the suit it can go awhile before you need to bring it to a cleaner.  I'm actually surprised at how well the suit has held up considering it is not the highest quality of fabrics.  The comfort level is excellent I've worn the suit for practically the whole day it never felt uncomfortable on me.  Though on a hot day you will definitely perspire with the jacket on as it is a medium felt suit which is mainly for spring/fall season.  (In my opinion the best fabric for a suit in the summer - linen or linen mix)


I was really glad that this suit didn't have the line issue of my black suit, otherwise I probably would never order another suit from Indochino.  Though this suit fit better and had a higher quality of workmanship than my first suit, it's still a $379.00 suit.  It's no Zegna, but because the suit is made to measure and the small details such as the bull horn buttons, it will definitely make you stand out!  In fact the best feature of Indochino is the wide range of customization one can do to the suit and not get charged extra for it.  Honestly I shopped around and there is almost no one out there that provides that many options for the price you're paying on the essential grey suit.  For all the options, quality, timeline, and perfect fit guarantee Indochino is by far the best bang for your buck!