Maxwell Tailors Review

Maxwell's Tailors usually comes to town twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall.  They are probably best known for their custom tailored shirts but also do suits, trousers, blazers and outerwear.  They have one of the best deals around for tailored shirts 3 for $150.00, though you will pay extra duty charges when the shirts arrive usually around $30.00.

They usually book a room at a local hotel and once you enter have many tables full of fabric swatches.  When you get in they will give you a form which you fill out and then you'll go through the fabrics and pick out the ones you like. (It can get very busy!)  They also carry a line of higher end fabric for the shirts which are an extra cost.....I believe it was around $75.00 per shirt?

The regular fabrics are quite the selection everything from 100% Egyptian cotton, cotton blends to sea island cotton.  They have various cuff and collar styles that you can choose and they have shirts on display that show the various styles.  You also can get the shirt monogrammed as well as have removable collar stays, these options are all included in the standard price, no extra charge!  Once you've made your shirts decision they measure you up, you can tell the tailor if you want a more slim cut or loose fit, long or short sleeve, etc.  Then you have to wait 6-8 weeks to receive the shirts.  This is perhaps the only downfall as it takes awhile to receive the shirts. 

Once the shirts arrived:

                                           French Cuff with Monogram

                                            Button and Placket

                                           Shirt Collar

The shirt fit me perfect!  The quality of the shirt is also very well made.  I only wish you have an option to choose your buttons as they all come with the same button style.  It not bad but they are rather thin for my liking I prefer thinker buttons, also the buttons are made to look like mother of pearl, but they are not.  Maxwell states that the shirts are single needle tailored and hand cut.  I have since ordered twice form Maxwell and the shirts have stood up well, I use them as my everyday office shirts and they still look new. I haven't had any issues with the stitching or loose buttons or fading of the fabric colors.

Also Maxwell can do many different options for your shirt for example if you wanted a white collar and cuffs only, and I believe they charge an extra $5.00 for any of these additional requests.

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the shirts I have received as not only is the fit great but the quality and materials are excellent for the price point.  They only real downfall is the long lead time to receive your order!