Thursday, November 1, 2012

7 Days of Fall Essentials - Day1!!

The Trench Coat!!!
Now that Hurricane Sandy is gone the rain is still around, nothing more essential than a practical trench coat. The Trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry, it was devised during the First World War, he created a breathable water-resistant fabric called gabardine.  The classic trench typically is double-breasted, belted coat, a buttoned flap over the right shoulder in the front and epaulets, though they are many different modern styles.  One should go out and try a variety of different styles to see which style/cut suits you best.  As for colour stay with the tried and true classics of khaki, black or navy blue.  If you like bright colours get a raincoat instead.  The advantage of the trench coat is that it acts like a light overcoat, which allows you to layerup!

A Classic Trench Coat by Burberry

Layering Up!