Friday, June 1, 2012

7 days of Essential Summer Style - Day 5!!

Shades!!!  Perhaps one of the most important accessory you will need.  It will define your overall appearance!  I always stress to have two pairs of sunglasses one in black & one in Havana (brown).  Depending on what your wearing you'll need to color match it.  A third pair of sport sunglasses is also quite advisable.  Contrary to what others say never go cheap on your sunglasses, get yourself a name quality and it will last a life time!  So you're asking whats in style this summer, well.......the big aviator style sunglasses have had their popularity run and the wayfarers are starting to get old.  Don't get me wrong these are great classic styles that will always be in.  But the style making the comeback are the keyholed or often referred to as the Steve McQueen Persol.

Either way sunglasses with a noticeable frame is were it's heading!